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the future game

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10-a de okt 2005 @ 20:19
*kills 8,000 cows*

6-a de apr 2005 @ 14:56
Cook eloped with Panther and made me President.

I have enough of a sense of civic responsibility that I will find someone to take my place as soon as possible. Probably Molly and Courtney, who-- unlike me-- actually want the job.
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6-a de apr 2005 @ 07:42
ok so let me explain some stuff...

so i think that since the US is huge to begin with we could give like montana North Dakota and south dakota to the formation of a new "state" of sorts called the bovine provincial territory....in leiu of giving molly and courtney the presidency they could control this area...

as for a compromise with us meat eaters there would be 15 cows to an acre in the BPT and all leftover cows will go into government farms for consumption, milk or otherwise...

and just a s a precaution we'd decomission all military/nuclear/dangerous places in the BPT and spray all other places with a "cow repellent" ....which i beg becky to come up with...

as for my presidency...i don't want to be president forever...i like bieng a spy...so since i havent found her husband...and her kids need a home...i wish to put up the idea that Cindy be made president ...and i will go find Sir Philip and when he comes back he can be the nations first 'First Gentleman'


whee confirmation! 6-a de apr 2005 @ 22:12
Cook is in the game w00t! ...yeah i finally got around to confirming my email lol

ok so i am cook...you will call me such...you i will unleash my wild pippin wrath upon ye....

im guessing im a bodygaurd/assasin/lackey for hire...

Here the current docket:
-Jess wants all the cows killed...no prob...but i have a better solution...
If we have mad scientists...and they can invent a time machine...can't we have them invent cow repellent to put around all the military/nuclear/dangerous institutions that could blow up? Well, until then I'll be shooting cows on sight...mmm burgers

-Courtney and Molly wish for me to assasinate Danyal...
I like danyal though...so instead I walked into the White House...Hannah let me in...she was very excited to see me...asked if I knew how to use a bondage machine...I said it was Cindy's department ::handcuffs:: anywho...i talked to danyal...hes quite a nice boy when get to know it...well he wouldnt give up power...but i still didnt want to kill him...he has CHILDREN!
I then went and came up with this little notarized deal...:::holds up notarized paper with danyals signature::: and WHAT DO YA KNOW....he signed it!...im not saying HOW i got him to sign it...i AM an assasin/spy/double agent
Here's what it said:
I, Spooky aka Danyal aka Mr. President, hereby relinquish control of the United States and everything to do with it to Cook, who graciously spared my life and the life of my wife and children.

:::spooky's signature::: ::::my signature:::
Voila...as of now I control the US ...perhaps i will give it to the highest bidder....im a spy not a president...but until the bids come in I'm interim president of the USA WHEE!! PAARRRTTAAAYYY!!!

-Cindy wants to know whether or not her husband is alive

...I'm working on it...he's a hard boy to keep up with...

- Molly needs a bodygaurd
I am such. ::insert intimidating face:::

NOW....after all the "convincing" i had to do to danyal...I think I deserve a well needed flirt session with my love Panther...whee

I never enter anything without a bang...heh...somebody get me cow repellent please...unless you want them all to die...and BID on the states...americans tend to bother me!!!!

PS - Will someone give me a chateau/estate/castle in spain or england please? I need a place to LIIIVVEEE....im currently in the white house...but well...that isnt gonna last...i cant stand white!!!

PSS- danyal still lives here...so does hannah and the kids...but well...danyal cant talk right now leave a message at the beep....
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Time Machine 3-a de apr 2005 @ 09:12
Jess is making me join this game so that she can have a time machine. So. I have invented a time machine now. Sorry about the cows, Courtney. *laughs maliciously*
Other entries
» i was alone when i woke up
I just enlisted Lacy (bluefire9914). Haha. *minor triumph yo*

In other, not-so-happy news:

I don't know where Phil is. I don't know if Phil is alive.

I don't know if ANYONE'S alive, really.

And the twins are in a space capsule somewhere. Which means they didn't get blown up (crap, Molly, are you around somewhere?) and also that Jess can't get at them.

Why is Jess after my kids, anyway?
» oh, quit it already
Here's my thinking:

It's not explicitly stated in the rules, but I think it's safe to say that anything happening in this game has to be posted to be legitimate.

Rachel, Courtney, and Becky are our scientists, and none of them has ever posted anything about inventing a time machine.

Therefore there are no time machines in this game.

Therefore Jess cannot have used one.

Therefore this entire discussion is moot, and we should proceed on the grounds that Courtney's cows were successful in their objective; to wit, that the western hemisphere has in fact been obliterated.

I recommend that we move on to determining the casualties incurred by this event and forming a strategy for the swiftest possible recovery. (e.g. resurrecting people.)

(and nobody better accuse me of being biased, because I'm advocating the option that'll make Jess try to kill my kids.)
» (No Subject)

I kind of made

a small


SMALL mistake.

In my attempt to rescue the cows, I kindasorta left them alone in a room with flammable objects (and lots of heavy explosives...and nuclear stuff too, but that's not TOO important.)

So, the cows, being the free creatures they are, decided to...exercise their freedom.



'Nuff said.



(so yeah, the western hemoshphere is kind of a nuclear winter. weee.)

*goes into hiding*

» Wattsism
I was just thinkin, hey, the marquis de sade is so lucky to have a form of perversion named after him. I mean, every time he hears the word "sadism" (hears it from heaven, i guess) he must be like "boo ya!" or however you say boo ya in french. So anyway, I wanna have a sexual perversion named after me! Wattsism-(n.)-the desire to screw famous historical figures. yay! That gets in the dictionary around 2020. So someone who wants to screw historical figures is called Wattsodistic!
» if the sun refused to shine--
We know this:

1) Phil left for Spain about two weeks ago to assassinate Christine.
2) Christine is still alive, unless she had a clone standing by.
3) Phil has not come back.
4) Christine probably has connections in the Mafia.


*nods and smiles* Yes, Danyal. Yes, I know why you picked Phil in the first place. Yes, I know how good he was in Special Ops. And yes, in fact, I do know he can take care of himself. He's my husband, not yours.

But it's been two weeks, for crying out loud, and I don't know what's going on and Danyal's afraid he'll screw something up if he sends someone to find out.

If this goes on much longer, I may give up and go myself. Because whatever I may know, it doesn't keep me from worrying about what I *don't* know.

I wish he'd come home . . . he's scaring us.
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